Organising the Spray Paint


As you can see I use a little bit of spray paint in the studio, my range of Molotow Fine Art range are just out of view bottom left, the quality of that range of paint cannot be beaten – however after jumping around quite a bit I eventually settled on the Montana Golds, the Golds have been great when taking the price and quality of the paint into account.

Another thing about the Montana Golds is the sheer range of colour which is friggin awesome, some of the colours are a bit iffy at times when it comes to cover but if you are really worried you should stick to the Shock colours of the same range. The Montana Golds are low pressure and are pretty forgiving as long as you keep your spray caps clean and paint well mixed (shaken) when spraying.

For high coverage spray paint I’d go for the high pressure Montana Blacks every time, just make sure to use the right cap if you need to replace the one that come with the can.


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