Russell & Chapple Stretcher Bars


Russell and Chapple exhibition stretcher bars make the best stretchers you’ll ever find. They are extremely well made and fit together perfectly without the need for a mallet of any kind.

These bars are sold with corner wedges which can be fitted once the canvas has been stretched, tapping the wedges into the corners can help tighten either a poorly stretched canvas or one that has been worked on heavily.

I now only make paintings on canvases made with the high quality exhibition standard stretcher bars.

Helping the planet with 100% managed wood.


Painting stretcher frames

The interlocking slot design creates a very sturdy and stable frame.

The machined bevel on the face of the stretcher bars makes for a clean springy service to paint on.

Slot are machined into all bars over 90cm, this helps reinforce the stretchers and keep them square.

The link below sends you to the R&C online shop:

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