Vietnam War Slang Series. Panel 11 of 26 – K is for Kill-Fire

K is for Kill Fire. A panel for the painting The FNG. ©2017 Oliver Smith

Vietnam War Painting

Well, for a minute I thought I was losing it when after spending a decent amout of time making a stencil for the text that I knew would be found on a Claymore mine during the Vietnam war,,,  I asked myself "How in the hell did I get back to the letter 'C'?". Then realised that it must be represented within a completely different slang word and it was - "Kill-fire".

Kill-fire is used to describe an aggregation of Claymore land mines;
"And we set up a kill-fire, a series of Claymores along a road in what's called a phase Claymore. -James Mills, The Underground Empire, p. 302, 1968."

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