The FNG. a painting by Ollie Smith

130cm x 130cm, spray paint on canvas.

This painting is made up of a collection of Vietnam War slang that has been presented in 25 panels in order from A to Y. The letter Z was left out due to the design of the stretcher, the missing letter will be presented in a painting of its own in the near future.

The titles of each panel are listed below:

  1. Arc Lite (based on operation Arc Lite, also meant carpet bombing)
  2. Basketball (in Vietnam, an aircraft mission to illuminate the terrain below)
  3. Comics (topographical maps)
  4. Dalgleish (technically not slang, based on iconic photo of the pilot)
  5. ETS (Estimated Time to Seperation)
  6. Flyboy (a military aviator)
  7. Ghost (or ghosting meant to evade duty or relax)
  8. Ho Chi Min Shoes (shoes worn by the NV soldiers made from old tires)
  9. Iron Triangle (a dense jungle area near Cu Chi District of South Vietnam)
  10. John Wayne (to act with great disregard for life and safety)
  11. Kill-fire (an aggregation of Claymore land mines)
  12. Leg (an infantry soldier)
  13. Mr 30 (a Vietnamese tiger)
  14. No Go Pill (anti -diarrhea)
  15. Old Breed (the First Marine Devision, US Marine Corps)
  16. Pig (or Hog 60 which meant the M60 machine gun)
  17. Quad 50 (four mounted 50 calibur machine guns)
  18. Rabbit (a white person)
  19. Short Stick (a stick used by troops to count how many days until the end of their tour of duty)
  20. Throttle Jockey (or Throttle Jock, a combat jet pilot)
  21. UH-1 (the Huey helicopter, the original slang term I had is lost)
  22. Victory Sign (technically not slang, a gesture meaning peace)
  23. White Mice (South Vietnamese civilian police)
  24. X-ray (military phonetic for the letter ‘X’)
  25. Yankee (military phonetic for the letter ‘Y’)

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