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Vietnam War Slang Series – Panel 2 of 26 – B is for Basketball.


This panel is the result applying various types of stencils and masking for spray painting. The Vietnam war slang word “Basketball” refers to an illumination-dropping aircraft mission, capable of lighting approximately a square mile of terrain, rather than using the actual action (illuminating the terrain at night) to come up with an image, the final design is…

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Russell & Chapple Stretcher Bars


Russell and Chapple exhibition stretcher bars make the best stretchers you’ll ever find. They are extremely well made and fit together perfectly without the need for a mallet of any kind. These bars are sold with corner wedges which can be fitted once the canvas has been stretched, tapping the wedges into the corners can…

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Urban Fine Art Spray Paint


As you can see the Molotow Urban Fine Art range cans come with a pigment rating as you get with any high quality fine art paint material. This might dictate how opaque the spray covers or how bright the colour might be, to be honest if they decided to put 5 stars or for that matter…

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High Pigment Acrylic Inks


High pigment acrylic ink, light fast colours from the One4all Range, very thin watery ink that goes a long way, works well in fibre tipped pens and airbrushing, not as easy to use with a paintbrush and I’d recommend adding something like Golden Airbrush Medium, which makes the paint coat a bit more durable. These…

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Cellulose Thinners


If you haven’t worked with Cellulose Thinners before be very careful to make sure you use a decent respirator with a filter for hazardous chemicals, that is if you’re spraying it. Using small amounts of thinners to thin paint doesn’t really need breathing equipment but it can still get a bit dizzying, so make sure…

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